Monday, September 20, 2010

Teachers Educated Outside Canada

I was a cum laude graduate in the Philippines and had finished my masters with honors. Since I had an impressive academic standing I was immediately hired as an English teacher in a public school which I consider as a blessing because in the Philippines it is almost impossible for newly graduates to be absorbed in a public school.

The experience was very challenging but after two years I gave up my profession. It was one of the toughest decision I made but when your salary is not even enough for your children to have the life you wanted. As a mother you have to do what you are supposed to do. I was working on my doctorate degree when I decided to quit and work as a caregiver in Canada. When I left I have so much hope in my heart that after two years I can be a teacher again but this time in a country of opportunity, Canada.

Canada has a two year program for live in caregivers that after a caregiver finished the two year contract , he or she will be eligible to apply for permanent residency. So I said to myself for two years I will be working as a live in nanny then I will apply for my permanent residency then I can be a teacher again because as a permanent resident I can work whatever work I want as long as Iam qualified. What a well thought plan I said.

Now that Iam almost done with my two year contact hence in the near future I would be applying for my permanent residency ,the excitement and hope for me were like ice cream that had been melted under the sun when I realized how hard it is to be accredited by the teachers college and that was not the only obstacle I have to face. The unemployment rate for teachers was overwhelming. I had read lots of articles about unemployed teachers especially in Ontario. Now, if teachers that were educated in Canada were having a hard time finding a job, where do teachers educated outside Canada belong? Do we have a chance in this country then? Are teachers like us have a future in Canada?I do not know what the future holds but all I can say is nothing can ever discourage me. I had already been in a long way just to simply give up. Giving up is not an option.

That is something that immigrants like me have, the determination and the courage to believe. I know for sure that it will be a rocky and tough road just to be certified in Canada not to mention how tough it would be to compete with other teachers for employment but all I can say is “once a teacher will always be a teacher“. Hence, I can already picture myself practicing my profession again. Iam born to be a teacher. Iam passionate about it. Iam well equipped and if it will take me changing nights into days I will do it for the glory of my profession.

Just thinking that I would be teaching again, touching student’s life give me strength to keep believing. Wondering whether teachers like me have a future or a chance in Canada does not really matter what matters is believing in myself and I believe I can. Everyone

has a chance. You and I can make it but on how we make it up there is an assignment we both need to do. Meanwhile as I send this article and start preparing dinner for the two kids I’m taking care of, I would like to leave this words to those teachers who are in the same situation, Believe and work hard is the key to success.

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