Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Benefits of Using Picture Viewer Tool Improve Comprehension Students About Substance Genetic In Biology Lesson in Class-XII IPA 3

In the development of Science and Technology, education is one important factor. Especially in Indonesia, as a developing country, in the effort to make life of the nation, the institution strives to improve the quality of learning associated with the decision of teachers in selecting and determining instructional materials. The National Education based on Pancasila to improve the quality of the whole Indonesian and unseen. Humans are devoted to God Almighty, virtuous noble character, personality, disciplined, hard working, resilient, responsible, independent, intelligent, skilled, healthy physical and spiritual, dedicated, and improving living standards (Arifin, 1990).
Fostering patriotism, the natural surrounding and strengthen national spirit, social solidarity with developing a learning climate that create confidence, acted and behaved in an innovative and creative to the National Development manifested as a shared responsibility and development in all areas (Law Education Act No. 2 Year 1989). By extending learning opportunities to students, especially at nine years of basic education should be developed and established the business in: (1) appreciation and Implementing Pancasila, (2) Pancasila and Civic Education, (3) Social Sciences, (4) Natural Sciences and elements supporting the spirit of soul development, fighting value of all lanes including the type, level of education, preschool, formal non-formal, and extra-curricular.
Biology is the result of human activities in the form of knowledge, ideas, concepts organized about the nature around, which is obtained from experience through a series of scientific processes such as investigation, preparation, and testing ideas. This research was given to students to develop knowledge skills, attitudes, scientific values, a sense of love, and appreciate the greatness of God Almighty and the life in it to be learned from generation to generation. According to Edgar Dale, learning experience is direct experience, observation, demonstrations, tours, television, film, radio, visual, visual symbols, and verbal. Optimally can be said that, given an environment that resembles the actual conditions on the students so that students receptive to learning materials. SEQIP Project (Science Education Quality Improvement Project) in 2000, invites students familiar props in the form of KIT as supporting teaching and learning process and to enable students, improve the quality of learning as students and teacher training places. Child development, in teaching and learning to prioritize the use of senses (Lataheru, 1988), and easier to remember, children are absorbing power of 20% through reading, 30% through the saw, 50% through seeing and hearing (Miarso, 1986).
Applied learning are now often less motivated students, it will often turn off students with a less varied package of books and lecture methods that do not support, so that students feel bored. As one alternative to this problem is to use the media or the better-known by the name display images used as teaching aids. Learning media selection and correct fit is expected to provide motivation for students to learn, so have a positive impact on student achievement.
The notion that teachers are the only snurce of learning to be one of the main causes of lack of effort to motivate students actively. The teacher still believes that he is the sole ruler in the classroom, so all orders, deed, action must be obeyed and followed by the students. In other words teachers cling to its founding when he was the only learning resource used by students (Miarso, 1989).
More than that, a lot of instructional media in schools displaced and are not allowed, teachers lack confidence in the ability of the media and assume that the media learned that just as a tool that is not important in teaching and learning. They consider that the lecture method is the most effective learning to achieve learning goals.
High school graduates from the fact that only knows about the nature of knowledge but applied in everyday life is less. This is as a result of Biology received verbal students during class. Problems are also no less important is how to improve students' attention and interest in learning. Business teachers are trying to deliver teaching materials presented can be absorbed and accepted students, is to maximize the students in the subject matter sought to be accepted students can use sensing devices that are owned as much as possible.
Media images can enhance students' learning effectiveness, particularly the ability of visual (appearance) (Levie in Wilkinson, 1984). To achieve these objectives effectively, and students' attention the media need to be designed that meet the criteria or traits, character goals, good internal condition, external and other factors which influence the emergence of interest in learning. Well-designed media can stimulate the emergence of "internal dialogue 'in students, which arose my curiosity and will ask questions about material that will be presented teachers (Miarso, 1989).
On the basis of theoretical views and experiences of problems faced in teaching in the classroom, the researcher as a Biology teacher feels the need to research the problem using pictures as visual aids or media tool that can be expected to improved its student achievement.

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