Monday, September 20, 2010

knowledge of the subject matter or the ability to relate with the students?

"The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The excellent teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires".A great quotation by William Arthur Ward which served as my guiding principle as a teacher.I remember when I was in kindergarten,everytime my friends would ask who will be our teacher in grade one, all they have to do is ask me. I knew all our teachers then. They were all nice and kind.That is why in my heart as a child the greatest profession is to be a teacher.

Every teacher should be equipped with the knolwledge of the subject matter and sharing that knolwledge is one of the primary goal of education. However,I disagree that it is more important than the teacher's abilitry to relate with the students. A teacher is not only a walking grammar book nor a human calculator but also a friend,a counsellor and a confidante roled into one.A teacher can be a good friend only if he can relate with the students. A teacher can be an effective counsellor if he can realte with the students. A teacher can be an excellent confidante if he can relate with the students.Therefore,the ability to relate with the students is very important.

A teacher has the ability to influence and effect students' life and the effect is infinite.In order to mold the students into whole rounded individuals,teachers should have the ability to relate with them and should understand that every individual is unique.Hence,the ability to relate with the students would help the teacher understands the students' individuality therefore he would know what effective approach he may use in the classroom.

To sum it up,every teacher acquired the knowledge they specialized through the courses they took but none of those courses taught them how to be a great teacher that inspires. Iam confident that although Iam still very young in the teaching arena and had not yet accomplished milestones as what others already achieved but Iam very confident that Iam a good teacher and I would be an inspiration to my students.I owe this to my teachers that inspired me to be one .Iam the teacher that Iam now not because of the academic knowledge they taught me but because they touched my heart. They did it because of their ability to relate with me.

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