Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Factors affecting the learning achievement

Factors affecting student achievement can not be separated from factors that affect student learning itself.
According Slamento (1988) the factors that affect student learning are internal factors and external factors. Internal factors consist of physical factors, psychology, interests, motivations and learning styles. External factors are factors of family, school and community. One of the external factors that affect student achievement is the school factor, which includes teaching methods, curriculum, student teacher relationships, facilities, and so forth.
Method of teaching is one method used in teaching. Teaching method should be accurate, efficient and effective so that students can receive, understand, control, and develop teaching materials. In teaching (Winkel, 1989), some personality plays a teacher who is:
l. Appreciation of life values
A teacher must hold on to certain values such as responsibility in action, pride themselves on the results of his labors, their willingness to help others who need his help.
2. Work motivation
Is the encouragement that comes from within herself to get the desired satisfaction, as well as develop the ability and expertise to support the profession that can improve achievement and profession. In this case, teachers who aspire to donate his expertise for the development of his protege, the profession as a teacher is a personal satisfaction, willing to sacrifice time and energy for the sake of their students.
3. The nature and attitude
Teachers must have a flexible attitude and the nature of the association, like humor, willing to help, creative and hope that students are able to participate in the learning process actively.
With a positive personality of teachers, students will feel happy, satisfied, and happy. Sympathy teacher is a very key factor in performing their duties so that the learning process can be run in accordance with what was planned. In addition, students can follow the lessons delivered by teachers with the best, and will enhance academic achievement.

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